Preliminary Ramp up Schedule Fall 2011

posted Nov 3, 2011, 7:52 AM by Robert Quindazzi   [ updated Nov 3, 2011, 7:56 AM ]

Mandatory Common Task/Benchmark Ramp-ups are starting the week of November 14th for Juniors and Seniors.  These sessions are MANDATORY for those missing benchmarks.  You will receive a personalized sheet with your required sessions as well as a email reminder.

  •                  Students are to bring whatever partial benchmarks they have with them.  If they have nothing, a new one will be supplied.
  •                 Students are scheduled if:  1. They were missing the benchmark. 2. They are not scheduled in a class this year in which they could     make it up.
  •                 If a student has achieved a benchmark since the data from this report was generated, he or she may show proof of completing the benchmark to Mr. Quindazzi and they will be removed from the schedule.
  •                If a student believes there is an error, they may show proof of completing the benchmark to Mr. Quindazzi, and he or she will be removed from the schedule.

Preliminary Ramp up Schedule Fall 2011

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Sessions are mandatory- each student will receive  personalized schedule

Math 9 Algebra I Mr.WilsonSaturday Nov 19  8am-12pm in Library.
Math10 GeometryMr. WilsonSaturday Nov 19  8am-12pm in Library.
Math11 Algebra II/Trig/Precalc/StatsMr. WilsonSaturday Nov 19 8am-12pm in Library.
Ms. BiagioniWednesday, Nov. 16th(Seniors), Rm. S14
BiologyMs. BiagioniWednesday, Nov. 30th(Seniors), Rm. S14
Envi. Sci./
Ms. BiagioniChem: Wednesday,Dec. 7th(Seniors), Rm106

Envir & Physics: Wednesday, Dec. 14th(Seniors), Rm. S14
Formal 9
Ms. ArvidsonTuesday November 15th starting at 1:45 PM sharp in S201.
Writing 10
Ms. SmithMonday  Nov 14th J107 (JHS) 1:45pm
Essay 10
Ms. Smith Monday Nov. 28  J107 (JHS) 1:45pm
English Essay Formal 11Ms. ArvidsonTuesday November 29th starting at 1:45 PM sharp in S201.
Essay 9
Ms. Wilmot TBA
Essay 10
Ms. Wilmot TBA
History Research Paper?TBA
HealthMr. ZyonsS22 Tuesday November 22nd 1:45PM
BMTMr. SearleStudents report to 204 Mondays December 5 and 12. 2:00PM Students must attend both sessions