Class of 2014 Information Page
Dear member of the Class of 2014,

The next step in you senior project is to write your  Letter of Intent
which is due on Wednesday May 1st.  Please read the below carefully.

  • This is not a trivial task which can be completed in a short amount of time.  Please budget at least 2 hours (3 would be better)
  • If your Letter of Intent does not meet the formatting guidelines, you will be asked to stay after school to fix it.
  • Please review the Choosing a Project Quick Start Guide and Mini-FAQ to see what is required for different types of projects
  • You may want to check out the 


  • Do NOT, under any circumstances choose a project because you think it would be easy. Students who do end up having the most difficult time.
  • If you need help, let me know. I will be running a Letter of Intent Seminar after school on Monday April 29th
  • After your Letter of Intent has been submitted, you will be scheduled to meet with me personally to have it approved.  We will make any modifications that may be required so it will be approved.
  • Once your Letter of Intent is approved, you are free to begin your project.
    • Be aware that you must document the entire process with pictures and your Fieldwork Time Log
You may find due dates and assignment details at (select the Class of 2014 tab at the top)
The direct link is 2014 Senior Project Due Dates