Senior Project Group 1/1A News January 10, 2012

posted Jan 10, 2012, 8:03 AM by Robert Quindazzi

Group 1/1A News 011011


Please be sure to check the website
As we move into the second semester, there are a few items that need your attention:
  1. Research Papers:  I am hoping to have these read in the next few weeks; however, many still have not turned in there.

    1. Hard Copy of Sources (Group 1A only)
    2. Interview Evaluation Form Papers cannot be read until these are submitted
  1. Share Fieldwork Time Log- due 1/25
    1. This will take you 5 minutes- be sure you fill this out as you start to work on your product.
  2. Product Plan  Due 1/30
  3. First Fieldwork Journal Due 2/9
  4. Documentation is key to a sucessful product- you must take pictures and record the time you spend doing your product.
    1. Please look at the Product Documents so you see what you need.
    2. Please watch the Senior Project Product Evaluation Video.


Mr. Quindazzi