Senior Project can be an overwhelming experience for some students and their parents; it need not be. Communication between parents, students and EWG staff will be key to a stress free completion of Senior Project.  While I have tried to make this site as comprehensive as possible, there will always be questions so please feel free to contact me at You will also find the SENIOR PROJECT PARENT CONTACT FORM BELOW

How to help your student succeed at Senior Project:

  1. Take the time to discuss possible projects with them. They will benefit from your experience.
  2. Be sure they choose something they will enjoy.
  3. Go over the due dates and help them make a time management plan.
  4. Check in periodically to see how they are doing. Often, when students hit a roadblock, instead of asking for help, they just shut down. Your encouragement and support will go a long way.
  5. Encourage them to seek assistance from the Senior Project Coordinator or other staff at EWG.