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Group 1/1A

posted Apr 12, 2013, 9:09 AM by Robert Quindazzi

Group 1/1A
If your product didn't meet the standard ( read carefully):

  1. You are scheduled to meet with Mr. Quindazzi to discuss your progress and put together a plan.  Depending on your progress, you will possibly be assessed a penalty such as extended day(s).
  2. This meeting will take place on Monday, April 22nd in my office. You will be called down. The chances of you receiving some sort of consequence such as extended day are directly related to how much of your project has been completed and the quality of your plans to finish it.
    • If you walk in with a complete project, I'd probably have a hard time making you stay after school. (Although, I am pure evil so no guarantees)
    • If you walk in with no progress on your project and no concrete plan, expect to spend many, many hours after school. Saturdays are certainly a possibility
    • If you owe something simple like captioned/dated pictures or a signed time log, please feel free to stop by Friday or share the needed material electronically.
    • If you need guidance prior to the meeting, please contact me via e-mail.
  3. You will also be scheduled for a re-evaluation on Saturday Morning April 27th at 8 AM in the High School Library

Group 2/2A Update

posted Nov 29, 2012, 9:55 AM by Robert Quindazzi

Group 2/2A
You should all be well on the way to completing your project.

Your Product is due on January 8th so:

  1. Review what you wrote in your Letter of Intent (review, don't change)
  2. Continue filling out your Fieldwork Time log as you work to complete your project.
  3. Budget your time so you finish at least several days before the product is due.
  4. Review the

    2013 Senior Project Product Requirements to be sure you have the required items.

  5. If it looks like you won;t make it, ask for an extension by filling out the Petition to Senior Project Advisory Committee
    (Read the instructions carefully and only attempt this if you have legitimate reasons for needing an extension- see me before submitting)

Get Important Updates and Reminders; Try the new Texting Tool

posted Oct 4, 2012, 8:33 AM by Robert Quindazzi

All, allows you to sign-up to receive texts from me regarding Senior Project, but I will never see your cell number, and you will not see mine.

My intention is to text important updates and reminders.

If you'd like to sign up please text

@mrquindaz  to (206) 866-6284

You can always opt out at a later date.

Senior Project Oral Presentation Schedule May 17 2012

posted May 16, 2012, 10:37 AM by Robert Quindazzi

Here is the schedule.  

Use CTRL+F to find your name.
If your name is not there, e-mail me
If your name is there twice, e-mail me

Useful Information About Oral Presentations:

posted May 11, 2012, 4:54 PM by Robert Quindazzi

Useful Information About Oral Presentations:

  • Presentations are done in Junior or Senior High School Rooms.
  • Presentations are from 12:45 to 2:25 in 4 waves. A schedule will be posted online
    • 12:45-1:10
    • 1:10-1:35  
    • 1:35-2:05
    • 2:05-2:25
  • You must report to the library a minimum of 15 minutes before your presentation.  You must check in.
  • Your portfolio will be placed in the presentation room for the judges to review well before your presentation.  Your portfolio is NOT the required visual aid.
  • Once done, take your portfolio, visual aids, and product (if present) to the Senior High Gym and set it up on a table.
  • Take a look on the Presentation Videos Page for some examples of good presentations

Senior Project News for Friday April 13th

posted Apr 13, 2012, 9:22 AM by Robert Quindazzi

Senior Project News for Friday April 13th

  1. I will be emailing all those who presented their products sometime early next week.  For those of you who know you did not make it, the next set of presentations is Friday, April 27th.
  1. The next item up is the  Portfolio  Which is Due 5/3 This is a tricky item- not hard, but it requires close attention to detail and some writing.
  • You need to read the information carefully and be sure you understand what is required. the Yes Test is a good guide to completing this portfolio
  • One of the requirements is that you have a black, 1", 3 ring binder. I have purchased 142 that are perfect for this portfolio since they have a good place on the cover for your Declaration Poster: if you would like one, they are $2.00 (cash&carry; American dollars only) and available in my office. You certainly can supply your own if you'd like.
  • You cannot leave this until the last minute

Senior Project Product Evaluation Schedule- Student

posted Apr 10, 2012, 7:54 AM by Robert Quindazzi

Senior Project Product Evaluation Schedule- Student

If you don't see your name, contact me at

Group 2/2A News April 5, 2012

posted Apr 5, 2012, 6:46 AM by Robert Quindazzi

Group 2/2A News April 5, 2012


We are coming down to the wire as your  Research Paper Final Copy with hard copy of sources

is due Tuesday 4/12 (Students with an A day research paper class) or 4/13 (Students with a B day research paper class, or those without a research paper class)

Some tips:
(Always ask your English  Research Paper Teacher if you have questions, or e-mail me if you don’t have a research paper class)

1. Use the "Yes Test" to make sure you have completed the paper correctly. (See below, and also in the Research Paper Final Copy with hard copy of sources)
2. Page Numbers/Cover Pages-
  • In Google Docs go to "Insert>Page Number> Top of Page
    • You do not have to put your student ID in the header
    • It is acceptable to have a page number on the first page
  • A separate cover page in NOT required; however, the first page must be properly titled.

Scarlet McKnight

Mr. Quindazzi

Senior Research Paper

21 September 2007

An argument for

Allowing iPods in the classroom

3. (Group 2) Yes, you must get your English  Research Paper Teacher  the hard copies of your sources.  Yes, they should be highlighted.

3a. (Group 2A) Yes, you must get me  the hard copies of your sources.  Yes, they should be highlighted.

4.  Please follow the Senior Project Research Paper Turnitin Student Directions 2012 There is even a video

5. Your paper must be a Google doc NOT an MS Word document uploaded to Google docs (but not converted).  If you have a question what I mean, please write, or better yet, watch the How to upload to Google Docs video. (please observe the proper naming convention "Your Name Senior Project Research Paper"

6. If I don't have your Interview Evaluation Form,   you can't pass the yes test- please get it to me.


Mr. Quindazzi


In order for your paper to be evaluated, it must contain the following basic components.  A "No" on ANY single item will result in the paper being returned to the writer so that the omission or error can be corrected.  Evaluation will stop until the "No" error is corrected.

YES            NO
_____       _____ Paper is typed in TNR font size 12 with  
                              one-inch margins.

_____       _____ Title on first page is correctly formatted.

_____       _____ Pages are numbered properly.

_____       _____ Works Cited page is present.

_____       _____ Works Cited page is correctly formatted.

_____       _____ No general encyclopedias are cited or listed.

_____       _____ Internet websites are credible and where possible are .gov,
                              .org. .edu..

_____       _____ Minimum of five sources listed on Works Cited page and
                              are cited in paper.

_____       _____ Interview is included as a primary source and is quoted in
                              the paper.

_____       _____ Minimum of two quotations cited in paper.

_____       _____ Thesis statement is in bold type.

_____       _____ Thesis statement is an argument/states a position/analyzes an
                               issue or idea

_____       _____ Paper is written in the third person. (No I, we, us, you, your, yours)

_____       _____ Paper contains no contractions.

_____       _____ Citations properly formatted.

_____       _____ Paper is a minimum of 1500-2000 words.                                   

_____       _____ Hard copies of citation sources are provided.

_____       _____ Submitted to

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