Group 1/1A

posted Apr 12, 2013, 9:09 AM by Robert Quindazzi
Group 1/1A
If your product didn't meet the standard ( read carefully):

  1. You are scheduled to meet with Mr. Quindazzi to discuss your progress and put together a plan.  Depending on your progress, you will possibly be assessed a penalty such as extended day(s).
  2. This meeting will take place on Monday, April 22nd in my office. You will be called down. The chances of you receiving some sort of consequence such as extended day are directly related to how much of your project has been completed and the quality of your plans to finish it.
    • If you walk in with a complete project, I'd probably have a hard time making you stay after school. (Although, I am pure evil so no guarantees)
    • If you walk in with no progress on your project and no concrete plan, expect to spend many, many hours after school. Saturdays are certainly a possibility
    • If you owe something simple like captioned/dated pictures or a signed time log, please feel free to stop by Friday or share the needed material electronically.
    • If you need guidance prior to the meeting, please contact me via e-mail.
  3. You will also be scheduled for a re-evaluation on Saturday Morning April 27th at 8 AM in the High School Library