Group 1A News October 25th

posted Oct 25, 2011, 5:54 AM by Robert Quindazzi

Group 1A News October 25th

Congratulations Class of 2012; Every student’s Letter of Intent has been approved.

Declaration Poster :  
I’m still missing some of these.  Please get them in.

IMPORTANT: If you are beginning work on your product early, you MUST keep track of your hours using the Fieldwork Time Log

Research Paper Final Copy with hard copy of sources12/6 Students in group 1A Google doc shared with students)  Hard Copy of sources to Mr. Quindazzi’s office
Interview Evaluation Form
12/6 Students in group 1A
Hard Copy to or Mr.Quindazzi
Thank you letter for Research Paper Interview12/14   Google doc  named “Your Name Thank you Letter for Research Paper interviewl”  shared with