Group 1A News October 7th

posted Oct 7, 2011, 8:25 AM by Robert Quindazzi

Group 1A News October 7th

Items for your attention:

Letter of Intent:
Apologies here- we are still trying to gather teachers to reevaluate. I’ll let you know when they’ve been reread. You should, of course, have revised yours after the first round unless it was approved.

Declaration Poster :  
is due Tuesday October 11th.  Please read the directions carefully. All Google docs or Word files must be named “Your Name Declaration Poster”

Research Paper Final Copy
Due 12/6.  Probably a very good idea to send your thesis to for an opinion


  • You are responsible for completing all the requirements for the Senior Project Research Paper and meet the standard on the rubric.
  • There is no class time allotted for you to do the paper.
  • You are responsible for submitting the final paper to Mr.Quindazzi@ewgseniorproject by the due date for your group.
  • Use this document as a guide: be sure you comply with the research and formatting requirements.
  • You are NOT required to do the intermediate products (note cards, outline, rough draft) but it would be a good idea to do them.
  • You may ask Mr. Quindazzi for assistance.

Don’t forget that you must conduct an interview to use as a source in your paper.  You must complete the Interview Evaluation Form (due 12/6)

Rules for choosing and Interviewee:
  • Must be an expert in the subject of your research paper
  • NO RELATIVES except in special circumstances with the permission of Mr. Quindazzi