Group 2/2A Update

posted Nov 29, 2012, 9:55 AM by Robert Quindazzi
Group 2/2A
You should all be well on the way to completing your project.

Your Product is due on January 8th so:

  1. Review what you wrote in your Letter of Intent (review, don't change)
  2. Continue filling out your Fieldwork Time log as you work to complete your project.
  3. Budget your time so you finish at least several days before the product is due.
  4. Review the

    2013 Senior Project Product Requirements to be sure you have the required items.

  5. If it looks like you won;t make it, ask for an extension by filling out the Petition to Senior Project Advisory Committee
    (Read the instructions carefully and only attempt this if you have legitimate reasons for needing an extension- see me before submitting)